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Creative Workshop Services

I believe in self-sufficiency. And these days, we all must be industrious to save time, effort and costs. For creative roles, we have to stay on top of an endless list of technologies and trends. For traditionally non-creative roles, the to-do list grows longer with each passing day. I want to help you upskill your design, writing and marketing through tailored sessions.

Let’s work together to find the correct solution for your challenge.


Adobe Creative Suite Workshops

Improve your competency in one of the most critical software for creatives: the Adobe Creative Suite. Tailored Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign workshops will make you feel confident to undertake your next creative project and unlock new "hacks" to improve your workflow.

Creative Workshops

Accelerate your understanding of graphic design, writing, branding and marketing with unique sessions geared toward your needs. Whether you are starting, a seasoned veteran or someone looking to refresh their understanding, these workshops are customizable for any level.

Live Walkthroughs and Support

Would you like to know how someone applied a specific technique to their creative project? Are you looking to achieve a particular goal in your own project? These sessions are available to individuals who are looking for immediate solutions to their unanswered questions.

The Process

Each service is fully customizable depending on your goals and needs. Whether you are looking to improve a single facet of the Adobe Creative Suite or all of them, whether you are looking for one-on-one support or to bolster your entire team’s competencies, I’m here to help.

These workshops are available in different lengths and intensities, from 30-minute refreshers to recurring 2-hour sessions. Depending on your availability and goal, I will deliver a unique session that works for you.

Please reach out to me to determine the best possible option for you or your team. Alternatively, if you have a specific challenge and are unsure of the immediate solution, I would love to schedule discovery call to determine which workshop is the best fit.

The Differentiators

There is beauty in knowing that a wealth of knowledge and endless tutorials exist online, on demand. However, you’ll always need to know what you’re looking for and, at least, have the foundational knowledge to reach your goal.

As someone actively working in the creative space for several years, I can help you at any stage of your educational journey. This may be counterintuitive to my business, but I want to share my tips, tricks and secrets to becoming a better designer, writer, marketer and communicator. I want you to feel comfortable and succeed in your creative endeavours.

  • Customizable classes
  • Tailored and guided working sessions
  • Detailed questionnaire development to understand current skill level
  • One-on-one, live support
  • Post-workshop support
  • Competitive pricing

Are you looking to unleash your creativity? Contact me and let's find a class that works best for your needs.

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