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Writing and Content Services

Words matter. Stories, narratives and messaging are a means to teach, influence and inspire. You can effectively retain your audience and communicate your product, service or campaign with compelling written content. Let’s develop innovative, industry-leading copy together.

Let’s work together to find the correct solution for your challenge.


Articles, Blogs and Thought Leadership

Amplify the voice of your leaders and subject matter experts. Written articles highlight the calibre of your experience while ensuring your audience understands your unique value proposition.

Product or Business Collateral Copy

Articulate why you matter in the market. Whether through brochures, reports, solution briefs or otherwise, well-written collateral is a differentiator between you and your competition.

Sales and Ad Copy

Communicate your promotional content with ease. Successful copy ensures you stay relevant within your industry while improving the potential ROI of associated sales and ad creative.

Email Marketing Content

Create a groundswell of conversation with your audience, generate awareness of your mission and increase potential leads or contacts through concise and tailored email content.

Website Copy

A reflection of you and your brand, high-quality website copy builds relationships, improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and effectively communicates your offerings to prospective clients.

Custom Writing Projects

Combine services to develop a holistic, tailor-made campaign where each writing deliverable works together to amplify your brand or mission.

The Process

Before we begin, let’s start a conversation to fully understand the scope and goal of your project or campaign. We can delve into your audience, intent, communication channels and measurements of success.

Next, I’ll schedule a structured interview with you or the subject matter expert to understand the campaign or concept fully. Once the project team clearly understands the objectives and content, I will once again interview relevant experts for content development. All written materials will not be developed in a vacuum, as all clients will have access to the brief and all content versions.

And depending on your needs, I can also get involved in design and branding, making the entire process seamless, cost-effective and consistent. For more information, visit my Graphic Design Services or Branding and Identity Services pages.

The Differentiators

I’ve written content for several highly-technical sectors, from healthcare to cloud technology to engineering and professional services. I aim to translate your knowledge and distill your information in a way that works for your audience.

Regardless of the size or type of written piece, the content will always stay true to your vision and objectives throughout the process. I can make your next campaign shine with you as the subject matter expert.

  • Prioritization of SEO
  • Competitive pricing
  • Multiple revisions (included)
  • Industry and competitive research
  • Sales and revenue generation are top of mind

Do you have a writing challenge? Contact me and let's work together to find a solution.

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