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Slide and Pitch Deck Services

Presentations can win (and lose) work. With a large portion of the population being visual learners, well-designed and organized slides never go unnoticed. From original design to editing important client, board or stakeholder presentations, I have you covered.

Let’s work together to find the correct solution for your challenge.


Slide and Pitch Deck Editing

Leave a lasting impression on your clients, team members and stakeholders. A functional and impactful deck incorporates design and communication principles, ensuring your audience digests and retains your message.

Interactive Deck Development

Showcase an extension of your work (i.e., a recent report or product launch). Beyond a simple slide deck, these interactive decks double as presentations and sales collateral, completely editable by your entire team.

Original Template Design

Supply your teams with a comprehensive deck template. Whether rebranded or completely original, a slide or pitch deck template design will leave you with numerous slide customization options that are consistent with your brand.

The Process

You may need a last-minute deck for an internal presentation or an unexpected client meeting. You may need a document encapsulating your and your team’s long and arduous work. Regardless of the situation or time frame, I’m here to help.

Get in touch with me for an immediate quote and turnaround. Alternatively, if you’re tasked with a larger project, let’s schedule a discovery call to understand your slide or pitch deck’s scope, size and purpose.

And depending on your objectives, I can get involved as much or as little as you’d like. If you need support in writing the deck content or require more involved graphic elements, additional services are conveniently cross-compatible. For more information, visit my Graphic Design Services and Writing and Content Services pages.

The Differentiators

Across teams, sectors and verticals, I’ve seen the amount of time and effort it takes to develop and deliver a successful slide or pitch deck. I know the difference a well-thought-out deck can make. I also know how occupied teams are with their day-to-day work, whether winning new work or responding to their clients and communities.

I act as an extension of you and your team. I ensure that you spend your time focusing on the business at hand rather than creating, designing and editing decks.

  • Competitive pricing
  • 24-hour turnaround
  • Multiple revisions (included)
  • Editable formats and source files
  • Editable custom graphics, tables and charts

Do you have a slide or pitch deck challenge? Contact me and let's work together to find a solution.

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